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: [5/20] Relationships » Lorelai & Emily Gilmore
“You didn’t lose me.”

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My name is Poldark. 

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caroline penvenen appreciation week

day 6: book!Caroline moments >> The Four Swans, Book Two, Chapter 1

“D’you know it’s not very long ago that I was in daily attendance at the bed of a man dying of the sugar sickness. My uncle took a long time dying. Almost all the time you were away it took him to die. And I became disgusted at the sight and smell of illness - of pills and potions and night commodes and food untasted and a body shrivelling away, and - and comas and half-recoveries, only to see him sink again. I’m young, Dwight. Young. And frivolous, though you may pretend not to think so. I love you. I want to be young with you and to enjoy my youth! You came back - almost it seemed from the dead. I don’t want you to go back to the dead. I don’t want to attend on your bed of sickness.”

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#when u are such proud parents

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Obviously the bottom edge needs straightening out, but oooh, look how much I’ve done over the last couple of days! So damn close to finishing. A stretch of bushes at the right hand side, then some gloriously simple hills. There’ll be further embellishment in all sorts of places, but the bulk will be done in another few days, I think. Then I’ll know how big a frame I need to order!

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Another two days done 😀

Yesterday I got this yarn, which for the life of me I have not been able to photograph well. It’s greener than it looks – a beautiful rich green. And so of course I made a little Christmas tree with it. The pattern is ‘DIY Crochet Tree‘ by Asa Bautovic, another free pattern. I’ve linked to the Ravelry page, rather than her blog, because the pattern is in Dutch. There’s a translation (a rough translation!) in the comments on Ravelry. It’s not tricky to figure out, though. Once it was done, I sewed on some little gold beads as decorations. It looks really lovely. And, as I say, a lot more green than the pictures show!

Today I unwrapped my parcel and discovered this goooorgeous orange and black tiger-striped yarn. I couldn’t think what to do with it at first, though. Then I found a lovely little pattern for a bauble – ‘Christmas Ornament‘ by Cathy Ren. Again, it’s free, and very simple. All you need to know is how to single crochet 😀 worked up like this, it makes me think of glowing embers in a fire. It’s a tiny little bauble, but very funky. (Once again, I’ve been too impatient, and have photographed it in artificial light. Ah well).

Advent – days 3 & 4 Another two days done 😀 Yesterday I got this yarn, which for the life of me I have not been able to photograph well.
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Maybe my connection is tired of taking chances
Yeah there’s a storm on the loose
Sirens in my head

stanford era

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caroline penvenen appreciation week

day 5: favourite scenes

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Ladies do not start fights, but they can finish them.
The Aristocats (1970) dir. Wolfgang Reitherman

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You’re right. It was a kind and generous act. Perhaps in a fortnight I’ll be in the mood to appreciate it. 

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Anonymous: Hi, I loved your last fic so much and I was wondering if you were working on anything at the moment ?

I am, yes - though a little sporadically, ‘cos my mother’s in hospital and I’m bloody knackered! I’m working on a Christmas-set modern AU Ross/Demelza, which is not going to be published before Christmas *laughs*

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Aidan Turner for British GQ (2017)

Photographer: Jake Walters
Stylist: Tom Stubbs
Source: Tom Stubbs/styleanderror / Instagram

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day 4: Caroline supporting others

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